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All in a Name

New buildings create the opportunity for new names. As part of our ongoing consultation we are looking for names for the new blocks in the development and we are inviting residents to take part in a Focus Group event on 23 June.

Four blocks within phase one of the new development will need to be named. This does not include the town house or the mews houses which will follow street names and will be numbered conventionally.

We are keen to start the process as early as possible as it requires frequent liaison with The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea (RBKC), the Royal Mail and utility companies which cover electricity, water supplies etc. Suitable themes and topics will be discussed in more detail at the Focus Group meeting but the text below, from the RBKC website ( offers some further legal and technical guidance which we will need to follow.

Naming and numbering of streets and buildings

The Royal Borough has a legal duty to ensure that street and building naming and numbering is clear, unambiguous and consistent. We are able to allocate new names or numbers to buildings at street door level, but we regret that we have no control over the internal numbering of flats or other buildings in multiple occupation where there is just one street door and several internal‘front’ doors.