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Wornington Green Decent Homes Standard

The Decent Homes Standard is a central Government-led initiative that aims to provide a minimum standard of housing conditions for all tenants housed by Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

Wornington Green’s Decent Homes programme started on the estate last April and involves the replacement of electrical wiring, heating systems and kitchens and bathrooms for properties in the later phases of the regeneration.

The programme will ensure that the Trust meets central Government’s Decent Homes standard by December 2014, ensuring that all homes are in a reasonable state of repair and that they are warm and weatherproof with modern facilities.

Last year 123 households in Wornington Green benefited from Decent Homes work in their homes.

This coming year (between April 2011 and March 2012) the following blocks will be targeted for Decent Homes work:

Thompson House:

kitchen, bathroom, electrics

Edward Kennedy:

kitchen, bathroom, electrics

300 Ladbroke Grove:

kitchen, bathroom, electrics

Chiltern House:

boiler replacement

Katherine House:


Macaulay House:


Breakwell House:


Chesterton House:


Blocks targeted just for electrical work in 2011/12, will be part of the kitchen and bathroom programme, where needed in 2012/13.

Properties in phase one of the regeneration (Faraday House, Lionel House, Telford House and Wheatstone House) will not be included in the Decent Homes programme, because residents will be re-housed into a new home over the next few years.

The Decent Homes programme will run until 31 March 2014. The remaining blocks (Watts House and Pepler House) will benefit from decent homes work in the third year of the programme, which is due to start in April 2013.

What happens next?

  • All tenants due to benefit from Decent Homes work this year will get a letter to advise them that a contractor will get in touch to arrange a survey of their home.
  • The surveys will identify what work needs doing in each home – based on the age and condition of the current kitchen, bathroom electrics (or for Chiltern House, boilers). This means that the works done may well vary from home to home, even within the same block. Residents need to allow access for the survey work to be done.
  • For tenants in Thompson, Edward Kennedy and 300 Ladbroke Grove, electrical work (re-wiring) will need to be done before new kitchens and bathrooms can be installed – for safety reasons.

For more detailed information about the Decent Homes programme please contact Laura MacDonald the Decent Homes Resident Liaison Officer on 020 8832 3441

Estate improvements

Residents may have noticed a number of improvements to the communal areas over the last few months.

The priorities were identified by residents and KHT staff on an estate walkabout last summer and the work has been funded from a £50,000 improvement budget which was ring-fenced for our estate.

Communal entrances and stairwells have been re-painted and thorny bushes have been planted on some of the small green areas to prevent dog fouling. Over the next month or so you will see fencing going up on the area behind Paul House and Norman Butler House, replacement signage at the main estate entrance on Portobello Road and bulb planting across the estate. A big thank you to everyone who’s got involved!

For more information please contact Sue Hannah on 020 8964 6448.