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Tenant’s Choice

Over 20 tenants attended a focus group on Thursday 31 March to provide their views and feedback on the choice of kitchen units, worktops and flooring to be used in the first houses and flats at Wornington Green.

Feedback during the event was very positive, with the majority of tenants delighted that work has really begun. Some tenants asked about kitchen and bathroom windows. A lot of thought and planning has gone into the design of the new homes. Windows on opposite sides of properties can only be achieved by using outside corridor access; an arrangement found in the existing flatted blocks. Throughout the design process the Borough has not been in favour of this type of access for modern developments and nor are we.

Kitchens are planned as part of the living area so that the whole space is lit by the windows at the front but with the kitchen at the back. This modern arrangement has proved popular with residents on site visits and through previous discussions at focus groups. Where possible separate kitchens will be offered as a tenants’ choice. Most bathrooms will be internal but they will have good artificial ventilation.

Following the focus group, the choice of kitchen units, worktops and floor tiles has been reduced from six down to three. The final range available to choose from will be featured in the next edition of Here & Now.

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