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Shop Smart, Eat Well

Eating healthy foods is important in keeping you healthy now and in preventing poor health in the future. The Public Health Nutrition and Dietetics NHS Team in Kensington and Chelsea are your local nutrition experts whose role is to understand local nutrition and health issues and influence and shape the services which help address them.

It is hard not to notice recent headlines in the national press highlighting how family food budgets are feeling the squeeze. We started our Good Food 4 All project to investigate how easy it is for people in North Kensington to shop for a healthy diet on a lower income. To do this we asked 41 local people what foods they put in their basket and where they shop. We came up with a food basket containing 143 items and we surveyed 33 local shops and three local markets to find out more.

The results have been really useful in helping us back up healthy eating advice we give with practical, local examples. We know too that some areas in North Kensington have access to a greater variety and more competitively priced healthy foods than others. We have shared this with the local council.

Here are our top three food budget tips for local residents:

1. Buy fruit and vegetables from local markets, a family with two children could save up to £20 or a single person £7 per week!

2. Beware of buy-one, get-one free offers! Compare the price per item with non-branded items as even though not on offer they will be better value for money.

3. Shop around! Review your receipts to keep track of the best local prices – share knowledge with friends and neighbours.

We deliver free Cook & Taste cookery programmes where you can learn more practical tips to save on your food budget whilst still eating tasty, healthy foods. Call 020 7313 3024 or email cook& quoting ‘Shop Smart, Eat Well’ to find out more.