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Wornington Green Estate Improvements

Catalyst has allocated £15,000 for estate improvements on the Wornington Green Estate. In October ten residents joined us for an estate walkabout and a number of priorities were identified including:

1. Additional lighting and CCTV outside Thompson House

2. Gating off the shed areas under Rendle House (to restrict access to shed users only)

3. Fencing of planted/green areas (by community kitchen garden and behind Murchison House)

4. Fencing on the wall outside 300 Ladbroke Grove

5. Renewing signage on Pepler House (e.g. flat numbers on main entry doors)

6. Mural/mosaic project on the ramp by Paul House

Quotes have been obtained for the first five priorities and proposals are currently being prepared for the Catalyst Local Board for Kensington to consider as our estate improvements for this year. We are also in discussions with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to see if they will consider the mosaic project as a bid to their Housing Regeneration Programme as it fits well with the work that the Council are doing to improve the Ladbroke Grove railway bridge nearby. If not, this priority can be re-considered as an estate improvement priority by Catalyst in 2014/15 as residents were keen for this to be delivered as a project involving residents (young and old) living on the estate. We’ll update you in the next Here & Now.

Other suggestions were made during the walkabout, including benches outside Paul House and bike hoops for mopeds (to formalise parking by Murchison House). Following discussions with residents it was agreed that benches could encourage anti-social behaviour and as the moped ‘parking area’ is in Phase 2 and the informal arrangements appear to be working at the moment we do not see the need to formalise the arrangements. However, if you have any concerns about the current arrangements, please let your Housing and Regeneration Co-ordinator know.

Other issues have been reported to our Maintenance Team as repairs e.g. lights not working and blocked drains. Please remember to report issues like this as and when you see them to help to keep the estate a safe and attractive place to live.