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FAQS – About the new development

These FAQs from residents have been collated by NewmanFrancis the ITA during outreach sessions and meetings with residents and Catalyst has provided the answers to the FAQs.

Will there be room for new washing machines in the new properties?

Yes. All new homes will have a space for a washing machine.

The exact location of the washing machine will depend on the type and size of new property – for example it could be in the utility cupboard (usually located in the hall) or in the kitchen. With the open plan layout of many of the new homes, having the washing machine in the utility cupboard reduces noise in the living/dining room areas. For our existing tenants, where your washing machine can go will be discussed with you as part of the resident choice process. It is important that we know what equipment (washing machine, dryer, fridge freezer, etc) you want to bring with you to your new home so that space can be included within the design. In most cases it is possible to fit all the white goods in but occasionally, where a resident has a lot of white goods (for example more than one fridge freezer) it may not be possible to accommodate all of them.

Why are Ardmore working on Saturdays?

All building projects are governed by Planning Conditions which are agreed with the Council. These control the appearance, height, location, etc of what is being built. These conditions also cover the days and hours of working.

Ardmore has permission from the Council to carry out construction activities Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm and on Saturday between 8am and 1pm. No noisy or disruptive work should take place on site outside of these hours. Because we have experienced delays, due to the window companies going out of business and problems with the power supplies and to make up for lost time, there will be occasions when Ardmore are on-site outside of these hours, doing internal painting and decorating, but this work will not cause any noise or disruption to residents.

If you experience noise or disruption outside the agreed hours of work please report it to Maria Cunnea Ardmore’s Resident Liaison Officer on 07747 862 022 or by email

You can also contact the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Noise and Nuisance Service which is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 020 7361 3002.

Why do the move dates keep changing?

As you know we have experienced delays to the construction programme. This has been due to two window companies going out of business, incredibly cold and wet weather and problems with the power supplies. We had hoped that all residents in Block 1 would be in their new homes by now, but the moves have been put back because of the delays to the construction programme.

We rely on Ardmore, our construction partner to give us accurate information on when the new homes will be ready for residents to move into and we use the dates provided to work with residents to plan their moves. Sometimes these dates change due to unforeseen circumstances – such as bad weather or where a delivery of specialist equipment is delayed. There are also a number of inspections that need to be carried out prior to occupation going ahead to ensure the right standard is being achieved and everything is working properly. Any one of these events could cause a delay. It is disappointing for everyone when this happens and for moving in dates to change but we are committed to providing high quality new homes that residents can fully enjoy once they move in.

We are in regular contact with residents to keep them informed about when they are likely to move into their new homes. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their patience and understanding about the delays over the last six months.

I’ve heard the new development uses poor quality materials. Is this true?

During the construction stage we select and specify the best materials possible. The Council’s planners insist we use high quality materials so that the buildings look good and perform well. Independent inspectors, including the Council’s planners and building control officers, make regular visits throughout the construction to ensure that all materials are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and that all work is finished to a high quality.

Due to the problems with the window manufacturers (mentioned elsewhere on this page) temporary cladding has been installed around some of the doors and windows. This short-term solution has been mistaken by some people as the finished building. However, once the window frames and cladding have been delivered they will be installed by Ardomore and the building will look as it was intended.

We are very pleased with the interiors of the new homes and we’ve received some very positive feedback from residents and from their visitors. We were actually able to enhance some of the finishes in the rented properties including heated towel rails instead of standard radiators, high quality internal and external doors and a choice of floor tiles rather than laminate for kitchens and bathrooms.

Will the demolition of Lionel and Telford get things back to the original schedule?

At the moment we can’t say for sure. We are trying to make up as much lost time as we possibly can. Bringing forward the demolition of Lionel and part of Telford House is part of a recovery plan that is capable of taking about eight months off the contract programme. What this means for the rented properties is that Phase 1 is now likely to complete in the Summer of 2015 (they were originally due for completion in Spring 2015). We know from building Block 1 that unforeseen circumstances which are completely out of our control can result in delays, so we can’t promise a specific end date for Phase 1.