The Resident Zone

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Recovery Programme

We are proposing to deliver the new homes in Block 2 (facing onto Portobello Road) more quickly by demolishing Lionel House and part of Telford House earlier than initially planned. Whether or not we could do this depended on three things:

  • Residents’ agreement – all affected households in Lionel and Telford Houses have agreed to the proposal and we have confirmed arrangements with them.
  • Provision of green space – it is a condition of planning permission that we provide green public space equal to at least 50% of the original park throughout the redevelopment. The adjacent maps show where the temporary green space will be provided from early 2014 to mid 2015.
  • Office accommodation for Catalyst staff – the site of the current office will become part of the temporary green space. We are hoping to create a new office in a building in the small row of shops next to the Barlby Road roundabout.

Plans can now be put in place to implement the revised programme. Lionel House will be handed over to Ardmore for demolition at the end of October. The part of Telford House that will be demolished early will be handed over to Ardmore in early January 2014.