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Security arrangements during Carnival

It’s Carnival time of year again! Thanks for your interest in the security measures we’re taking during this event, and please see below for what we’ve organised.

There will be a team of 12 security guards on duty from 11am to midnight on Sunday 25th August and Monday 26th August over the Carnival period. They are from a company called Barian Technology Ltd. and will be wearing high visibility security vests so that they can be easily identified. Please ring their mobile hotline number below if you see any nuisance or anti-social behaviour near to your home during Carnival.

Mobile hotline for ASB or nuisance near your home: 0791 898 0181

Guards and barriers will be in place at the locations listed below, and we want to encourage ‘residents only’ access as far as possible onto the estate. Visitors are of course welcome during the Carnival, but you need to be accountable for them at all times.

Guards will be based in the following positions:

  • At either end of Munro Mews
  • Outside block 1 of the new development (Bonchurch Road/Wornington Road)

Guards will also be in the following positions:

  • At the entrance to the Murchison House Car Park
  • Between 300 Ladbroke Grove and Paul House
  • Between Norman Butler House and Thompson House
  • Entrance to Athlone Gardens (between Telford and Wheatstone Houses)
  • Entrance to pedestrian walkway between adventure playground and Ardmore site offices (off Wornington Road).

We will also have two guards patrolling Wornington Road to deter carnival-goers from causing nuisance and anti-social behaviour.