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All Change Please, for Portobello Square

One of the fundamental reasons for regenerating Wornington Green is to provide our existing residents with new high quality well designed homes and facilities.

An early challenge has been to agree how to preserve the heritage and tradition of Wornington Green whilst also coming up with a new name and identity for the private homes for sale within the new development.

At the end of last year, a focus group with residents explored a range of options and prompted a detailed discussion of the marketing name for the new homes for sale.

One clear theme emerged from the discussion – the pride in the Portobello name, its history and world-wide reputation. Residents at the focus group agreed that Portobello Road is a well known and positive brand in its own right. It was therefore widely agreed that the marketing brand should feature the word ‘Portobello’ somewhere within the name.

After lots of lively debate, one clear winner emerged – Portobello Square! The homes for private sale will therefore be marketed as Portobello Square and the brand will emerge over the next few months, appearing on hoardings, our website and advertising.


The hoardings around the construction site will be the first thing to carry the new Portobello Square brand. These should be in place by the end of January and will feature the new logo and updated images of the new homes.

A section of the hoarding will also be used as a ‘graffiti zone’ to replace the existing graffiti walls in the sunken football pitch on Wornington Road. More details on the exact location of the graffiti zone and how to get involved will appear in the next edition of Here & Now.


To mark the launch of the new private homes for sale, a new website – – will soon be launched. This is aimed at existing residents, neighbours and prospective buyers. The website will provide details about the development, the regeneration plans and the homes for sale. It will also feature a community zone.