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Have your housing circumstances changed?

We are close to finalising the proposals for Phase 2 of the redevelopment, which will involve the following blocks being rehoused:

Phase 2A – Edward Kennedy House, 73-96 Pepler House and 192 and 194 Wornington Road.

Phase 2B – Katherine House, Macaulay House, Wells House and Murchison House.

Phase 2C – Chesterton House, Breakwell Court and Chiltern House.

Phase 2D – Watts House.

Phase 3A – Thompson House and Norman Butler House.

If you live in any of these blocks we need to know urgently and accurately what the needs of your household are, in particular:

  • Who is living in your household?
  • Does anyone have any mobility problems?
  • Do any adult household members wish to be housed separately? (This is important because it affects the number and size of flats you need.)
  • Have your circumstances changed? (Household got bigger or smaller? Mobility problems got worse? Adult household members changed their mind about separate housing? Changed your mind about where you would prefer to move to?)


We need to know what your housing needs are. We can’t register adult household members who are part of your household until we have your details as well. This is because adult household members are awarded the same number of points as the whole household, to reflect the housing need of the entire household.

Adult Household Members

To be eligible for rehousing separately, adult household members need to show that they have been living in their current home continually since August 2006. Kensington and Chelsea Council have now agreed to help us establish whether applicants are eligible by checking their records as well. We won’t consider you for a property until we are sure you are eligible!

Medical Problems

If you have medical problems you need to complete a medical assessment form. We also need a copy of prescriptions you take and any supporting documents you have. These will be assessed by our independent medical assessor who will award points if your current home is not suitable and confirm the sort of housing that will be suitable for you when you move.

Don’t Miss Out!

If you do not provide all the documents needed to support your application and give us a definite picture of your housing needs, we can’t consider you for vacancies that come up, so you may miss out on properties you would have really liked! If you have filled in forms but haven’t got round to getting the supporting documents together, please hurry up! You don’t know what you might be missing!

If you have any questions, please contact your Housing and Regeneration Co-ordinator.