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Demolition of Faraday House

Once residents move from Faraday House into their new homes in Block 1 we will be able to demolish Faraday House to allow work to progress on Block 3 which is the next block to be built. The work at Faraday House will involve clearing all the internal areas (known as soft stripping), followed by disconnecting all the services such as gas, electric and water. Only when this is complete will the actual building be taken down. Fencing will be put up around the demolition site and scaffolding will be put up in places for safety purposes and to protect surrounding areas.

Ardmore has recently appointed a specialist demolition contractor to do this work. Demolition is unlikely to start until towards the end of April/beginning of May. In all, it should take about 16 weeks to complete.

Given its close proximity to the Venture Centre and residents in Wheatstone House, we will be liaising closely with them to keep them informed of progress. We will also ensure that noise, dust levels and disruption are kept to a minimum.