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Moves into Block 1

Tenants from Faraday House will be the first residents to move into the new development towards the end of February.
There are 69 new homes for rent in the first block, a mix of apartments, duplexes (maisonettes) and mews houses. The apartments at the Wornington Road end of the block will be the first new homes to be occupied.
People moving into the new homes include households from Faraday, Lionel, Telford and Wheatstone Houses (Phase 1 of the regeneration), households who moved from Munro Mews and Wornington Road and some households from later phases. Three families from the council’s waiting list for wheelchair accessible homes will also be re-housed.
The Wornington Green Team is arranging home visits with everyone to start to plan their moves. Each household will have their own individual move plan to ensure they get the services and support that they need, before, during and after their move. A special edition of Here & Now ‘Countdown to your Move’ will be given to everyone moving into the new development, which gives information and advice about the move and their new home. We’ve also held a meeting for the first households due to move into the new development to tell them what they can expect and give them an opportunity to ask questions. Further meetings will be planned over the coming months.
Approximately two to four weeks from their move, tenants will get an opportunity to have a ‘preview visit’ to their new home, to take measurements, start to think about where to put things and learn more about the new equipment in their home.
The next few months are going to be busy and exciting and we will work closely with all households moving into the new development to ensure their moves go as smoothly as possible.
Faraday House will be the next block to be demolished once everyone has moved into their new homes.
We will give you an update in the next edition of Here & Now!