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Housing & Regeneration Co-ordinator Update

We are listening to and acting on your complaints and concerns about anti-social behaviour on Wornington Green. Here are just a couple of examples of the work we are doing with you to try to address anti-social behaviour problems across the estate.

We have blocked-off the stairwell at the corner between Chiltern House and Breakwell Court and put up fencing on both sides of the ‘dead space’ on the first floor. We heard from some of you how this space was being climbed up to and used by groups of men at night to hang out in. Since we took these actions no one is able to climb up to this space, and the problem of noise and anti-social behaviour here has been successfully resolved.

In Paul House we have put up some boarding along the railings of the ramp walkway, to stop youths on the walkways looking into residents’ flats. This is ‘step 1’ of a series of measures we are in the process of putting in place to address the problem reported to us by many of you about groups of young men hanging out in the communal areas of Paul, Norman Butler, Olive Blythe House and other parts of the estate.

We appreciate that this problem of young guys hanging around in communal areas particularly in Paul House leaving their bikes across walkways, smoking, drinking and leaving a mess behind them is a big problem that is really affecting many of you. We are working to try to address it.

Thank you for telling us about your experiences so far, and please keep telling us so that we can keep trying to find solutions. We are serious about working with you to sort these issues out!