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Update on Neighbourhood Rules

We mentioned in the last Here & Now that we’ve prepared neighbourhood rules for the new development to ensure that high standards are maintained for all of our residents from day one.

The same rules will apply to everyone, regardless of whether they are Catalyst or private tenants, home owners or living in shared ownership properties. The rules will help to ensure that everyone is considerate to their neighbours and that the new development is a safe, clean and welcoming place for everyone that lives there.

Specific rules have been developed for use of homes, balconies and communal areas and cover noise nuisance, vehicle parking, window treatments (e.g. curtains), television equipment and aerials, signage/notices, children’s safety and pets.

We shared the draft Neighbourhood Rules with the Wornington Green Residents’ Steering Group in October.

Their feedback included:

  • Although the rules focus on what is not permitted in the new development, it was felt that they were clear and needed to be written in this way so that people take the rules seriously.
  • Sometimes we could do more to explain why something is not permitted. For example, bikes will not be allowed on balconies because cycle stores are provided and drying laundry on balconies is not permitted, but a drying rack is provided in the bathroom.
  • We need to be clear about how the rules will be enforced. The rules will be enforced through residents’ tenancy agreements and leases and this will be made clear to all residents before they move into their new homes.
  • Nobody felt uncomfortable about any of the rules. In fact, the working group identified some gaps in the rules for us, which we will incorporate into the final version. For instance, no smoking or drinking alcohol in communal areas and not to leave rubbish bags outside properties, in communal areas or by the bin chute.

A big thank you to Danella, Kathy and Rob for taking the time to be involved in a working group to review the rules with us, your feedback was really valuable.
We will finalise the rules before Christmas, so that they can be incorporated into the leases and tenancy agreements before the first people move into their new homes in 2013. We will publish the Neighbourhood Rules on the Here & Now website and feature them in a future newsletter. If you would like to see a draft version of the rules please contact Sue Hannah on 020 8964 6448 or email