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P2P in search of sweet 16s

Sixteen. The washing away of childhood and facing up to the new frontier of college, work and independence for the lucky ones. Unfortunately for far too many, sweet sixteen means Job Seekers Allowance, unemployment, time, despondency and depression. Let’s face it, not everyone does as well as they think they are going to do, neither does everyone prepare adequately for the exams they face. So what happens to them? September comes and they have nothing to look forward to.

For some it’s the idleness that is a killer, spending time with friends who have too much time themselves, not having the money, being bored with the same old existence; the beginning of a rut that for some starts at sixteen and ends at sixty. We at Pathways 2 Progress (P2P) know all too well of this cyclical problem.

If you know anyone aged 16-17, P2P would like to offer them a life away from the downward spiral of life. P2P is here for you, we know there may be road blocks, but P2P can help you build a path to success. Get in touch with P2P Kensington team on 07971 399 776 or the Brent team on 07525 905 207.