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Estate Improvements

As we mentioned in the last edition of Here & Now, we have 10,000 set aside for estate improvements on Wornington Green Estate this year, in addition to our ongoing repairs and maintenance work on the estate.

A big thank you to the residents that took part in our estate walkabout on Tuesday 4 September. A number of areas were identified that would benefit from greening initiatives including the raised planters outside Macauley House, 300 Ladbroke Grove, in front of the Breakwell/Watts car park, by the side of Watts House and the fenced off area at the back of Norman Butler House.

Local Board has approved these greening initiatives and also given us the go ahead to buy new chairs for the Residents’ Room. 

We still have over £6,000 left to spend over the next six months. One other suggestion to date is to fund CCTV for Olive Blythe and Paul Houses which have on-going anti-social behaviour in the evening and the door entry systems have recently been vandalised. Please get in touch with Sue Hannah if you support this suggestion or if you have any other ideas for estate improvements.