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Neighbourhood Rules

When we’ve spoken to residents about moving into their new homes, many people have told us that they are fed up with their neighbours causing nuisance and anti-social behaviour on Wornington Green Estate, particularly the rubbish and personal belongings that are left in communal areas, noise nuisance and problems caused by some children young people. We are working to address these issues on the existing estate and we need to give reassurance that this will not be tolerated in the new development.

Neighbourhood rules are being prepared to ensure that high standards are maintained for all of our residents from day one. Everyone has the right to expect to live in a clean, attractive and well maintained development and all residents will have the same rules regardless of tenure (e.g. tenanted, private or shared ownership).

Specific rules will apply to balconies and windows, communal areas, children’s safety, pets, noise nuisance, television equipment and aerials.

The rules will help to:

  • Meet our health, safety and insurance requirements
  • Keep the development clean and attractive
  • Ensure that everyone is aware of the behaviours expected of them

We plan to run a session with residents to discuss the draft neighbourhood rules in more detail and get feedback on any gaps in the rules.

Please get in touch with Sue Hannah if you would like to register interest in attending a session on the Neighbourhood Rules for the new development. Please email or call 020 8964 6448. Sue will get in touch with you once a date has been set.