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P2P – The Power Tour

For all the trips P2P have taken young people on, perhaps the most intriguing is The Power Tour. What makes it even more pleasurable, is when young people themselves demand it. The Power Tour is a remarkable look at London through the less known hallmarks of power. Paul Obinna, one of P2P’s specialist facilitators first prepped the young members of P2P to prepare them for their Power Tour day trip. That began the journey in and around London.

A selected group of young people from Kensington and South Kilburn embarked on their first destination, Greenwich Meridian where we were stationed at the centre of the world and introduced to the beginning of time and its history. Then we landed upon central London where the young people were introduced to central London’s mystical Masonic Lodge.

Paul Obinna did a fantastic job of decoding and explaining the insignia of power carved into the Foreign Office and the hidden coded messages outside of the Houses of Parliament. These are popular destinations we pass all the time, but it’s amazing to find out about the hidden meanings behind the signs and what they reveal about Power. If you are aged 12- 25 and would like to get involved with Pathways 2 Progress contact Tuggs, Youth Engagement Practitioner, on 07971 399 776.