The Resident Zone

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Starting Soon …

We will soon be starting work on the next block. You will see that this work will be very similar to the work currently being undertaken – creating new foundations to take the concrete frame on top. We will keep you updated on our progress.

The site compound will shortly be moving from its current location (opposite the Venture Centre) to outside Watts House where the skateboard park and the small car park, off Wornington Road currently is. This will enable us to speed up the build programme for Phase 1 by starting on Block 3 earlier than we originally planned.  We have informed  the residents  living closest to the new compound. A poster is on display on the noticeboard in every block to inform all residents about the new location and the reasons behind this.  We are also working with the Venture Centre to make sure the new plans work for them.

Offers of new homes are almost complete for the first block and houses. Residents have accepted offers based on the plans of what the new flats and houses will look like. We will also be arranging for residents to have a look at an actual property as soon as the building is more advanced so that they can get a good idea of what they will be like.

Residents continue to visit the ‘Residents Choice Suite’ to see the choices available for kitchen and bathroom fittings and flooring options they can have in their new homes. Given that there will be no gas in the new development, residents also have the option of a new electric cooker, which is also on show. The first new homes will be ready in spring 2013 and we know that residents are very keen to be moving to their new homes as soon as possible!

We have started to look at Phase 2 of the regeneration and we will fully consult with residents when we have something meaningful to discuss. We hope to do this by the end of this calendar year.