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P2P My-I-Can Youth Development Programme

How many times have you looked at successful individuals and marvelled at their achievements? Sat back and wondered, ‘How did they do that? What is the secret to their success?’ Some of us put it down to luck or some other alien concept.

The secret is… there is no secret, the My-I-Can curriculum says ‘success is not just for the elite, but for those who plan for it and are willing to take action towards it.’ No one plans to fail at any endeavour, but too many people fail to plan.

Richard Branson now owns a multi-million pound empire, from record shops to aeroplanes, and now he is launching his aircraft into outer space. It’s hard to think he began with an idea of one record shop in Notting Hill.

The My-I-Can curriculum teaches that all goals must be Realistic, Attainable, Achievable and Timely. We take the small steps that we know we can achieve to attain the next step, and we keep on going until we begin to experience radically different results from where we began.

For more information on the My-I-Can programme contact Tuggs, Pathways to Progress Youth Engagement Practitioner on 07971 399 776 or visit P2P’s website at: