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A reminder about responsible pet ownership

As you are aware some tenants on Wornington Green Estate already have permission to keep pets and they have asked if they will be able to take their pets with them into the new development. We have agreed that Wornington Green tenants will be able to request permission from Catalyst to take their existing pet(s) with them, if they have been responsible pet owners and their pets have not caused nuisance/antisocial behaviour.

Existing tenants on Wornington Green Estate must comply with the conditions in Catalyst’s tenancy agreement relating to pets, throughout the phased redevelopment of the estate. All tenants must ask Catalyst for consent to keep any form of animal or pet in their home – if you have not already done this, you need to contact the Wornington Green Team to ask for permission. If a pet causes a nuisance on the existing estate or in the new development, Catalyst can withdraw permission and ask the tenant to make alternative arrangements for their pet. We support the Mayhew’s animal neutering campaign and encourage residents to get their pets neutered.

If you have concerns about the treatment of any pets on the estate please report it to the Wornington Green Team. You can speak to us in confidence. Our approach to pet ownership in the new development is still to be worked up as part of the new neighbourhood rules. No pets should be replaced and no new pets will be allowed until a full pet policy is developed and a decision is reached about pet ownership in the new development.

For more information about the Pet Policy for existing tenants moving into the new development, please contact Sue Hannah on 020 8964 6448.