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Mayhew Animals Neutering Campaign

The Mayhew, a local animal home in Kensal Green has launched a ground-breaking awareness campaign across London to highlight the importance of neutering. We believe that having your animal neutered is the most effective solution to the pet over-population crisis and the hallmark of responsible ownership. We want people to know that neutering is a quick and simple procedure, which can also have health and behavioural benefits for your pets.

We don’t just want to talk about neutering. We’re also taking action. That’s why our Community Vet Clinic offers low cost neutering appointments to absolutely everyone and free neutering for bull breeds, irrespective of their owner’s financial status or location. Free neutering for cats is also available, if owners meet the criteria of the C4 scheme.

To book an appointment, please contact our Clinic receptionist by phone on 020 8968 2447 or email

Help us spread the message!

We are looking for people to take flyers and posters which promote neutering and the services offered by The Mayhew’s Community Veterinary Clinic. We can send you materials in the post or by email for you to print off.

To help us spread the word please contact Charlotte Galvin by phone on 020 8968 2446 or email With your help and support we can help prevent more unwanted animals ending up on the streets.