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Decent Homes Programme

The Wornington Green Decent Homes programme started on the estate in April 2010. It involves the replacement of electrical wiring, heating systems and kitchens and bathrooms for properties in the later phases of the regeneration. The programme will ensure that Catalyst meets central government’s decent homes standard by December 2014, ensuring that all homes are in a reasonable state of repair and that they are warm and weatherproof with modern facilities.

Last year over 36 households benefited from new kitchens and bathrooms in their homes.

This year (between April 2012 and March 2013) the blocks listed below will be targeted for decent homes work; however where a kitchen or bathroom meets the recommended decent homes standard, we may not undertake any works.

  • Watts House – Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Katherine House – Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Macaulay House – Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Chiltern House – Kitchen, Bathroom & Electrical upgrade where required
  • Breakwell Court – Kitchen, Bathroom & Electrical upgrade where required
  • Chesterton House – Kitchen, Bathroom & Electrical upgrade where required

Properties in Phase 1 of the regeneration (Faraday House, Lionel House, Telford House and Wheatstone House) are not included in the Decent Homes programme, because residents will be re-housed into a new home over the next few years.

Temporary accommodation and Short life properties are also excluded from the Decent Homes programme.

Pepler House will benefit from decent homes work by December 2014.

What happens next?

  • All tenants due to benefit from decent homes work this year should have received a letter to advise them that a contractor will get in touch to arrange a survey of their home.
  • The surveys will identify what work needs doing in each home. Residents need to allow access for the survey work to be done.

For more detailed information about the Decent Homes programme please contact the Asset Management & Maintenance Team, on 0300 456 2099.