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Independent Tenant’s Advisor

Did you know that you have an Independent Tenants’ Advisor provided by TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service)? The service is funded by Catalyst, but TPAS provide a free, independent and confidential service for residents on Wornington Green Estate.

Here’s an update from Mike, your Independent Advisor for residents on Wornington Green Estate.

We believe that most of the time the people that live on an estate will have a better idea of local issues, service provision standards and areas that need to change. Our role is to support you in having your views heard.

You may be aware that we carried out a small survey with a cross section of the community last month. It is a real shame that we did not hear back from many of you as we only had 15 responses out of 199.

The winner of the shopping vouchers is Jenny Bishop. Well done Jenny and thank you for sending us your views.

The summary of the survey results are:
(Findings are based on feedback from 15 residents)

  • Most of you are available to get involved in the evenings, so we will continue to focus the majority of our time then.
  • 93% receive Here & Now and 80% of those read it.
  • Are you satisfied with the Independent Tenants’ Advice Service provided by TPAS?
    33% answered very or quite satisfied
    41% did not answer
    13% answered very or quite unsatisfied
    13% answered neither satisfied or unsatisfied
  • The preferred method of involvement is firstly by post, then group work through meetings and finally discussion groups.
  • 87% of you are aware of the ITA
  • Are you aware of the Here & Now website?
    53% not aware
    33% aware
    14% unanswered
  • 67% of you are aware of TPAS
  • Are you satisfied with the opportunities for involvement?
    47% unanswered
    33% very or quite satisfied
    20% very or quite unsatisfied
  • 47% of you use the ITA

During the next few months we will work to ensure the satisfaction figures improve focusing particularly on opportunities for involvement. We also plan to carry out an additional survey later in the summer; please do complete this so we can get your viewpoint and understand your perspective/issues.

In response to residents’ views that communication needs to improve, a group of residents have met to work with Catalyst to take this on board.

Don’t forget the residents’ steering group meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month at 6pm at the Venture Centre. All residents from Wornington Green are welcome to attend.

If you want to find out more please contact your IRA Mike Dutfield on 07876 548024 or email