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Offers for Block 1

We have now started to make offers for the new homes in Block 1, starting with tenants from Faraday House (the next block to be demolished) and tenants who moved out of Munro Mews and Wornington Road and wish to return to the new development.

We are making offers based on plans of the new homes and will arrange for residents to have a look at an actual property as soon as the building is in an advanced stage. We have been holding offer interviews in the Residents’ Choice Suite so that residents can see the kitchen and bathroom fittings and flooring options they can have in their new homes. Given that there will be no gas in the new development, tenants will be given the option to have a new electric cooker, which is also on show.

So far, 32 tenants have accepted the new homes they have been offered and will shortly be agreeing their flooring and kitchen choices with Tony Sheridan, Ardmore’s Resident Liaison Officer. The first flats should be ready early in 2013 and tenants are very keen to be moving to their new homes as soon as possible!