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MY-I-CAN (Pathways 2 Progress)

Have you ever wondered what makes an individual successful and another unsuccessful? Why some people seem to get all the luck and others seem deprived of it? The secret is not in the actions, but how far developed the level of one’s I-Can attitude is. The secret to success is not being given what you want, but being able to achieve the success by what you think, how you feel and more importantly the steps you take to get what you want.

We are living in an extremely challenging environment. At Pathways 2 Progress (P2P) we believe that the only way we can survive these times is to develop an I-Can attitude so we can assert control of our lives. Far too often individuals leave school without the ability to navigate society, so they go through life thinking I-Can’t.

The My-I-Can programme is born out of the Amer-I-Can programme based in the United States, founded by legendary American footballer Jim Brown. The curriculum has been used to inspire and turn round the fortunes of countless individuals from gang members, prisoners and offenders both young and old. Former graduates have gone on to become political leaders, business men and youth workers. Twilight Bey is a former graduate and responsible for the programme being brought to the UK.

P2P operates a rolling enrolment, where participants not only come along for the course, but are supported by a Youth Engagement Practitioner to develop their goals in a supportive environment and be intertwined into the number of work opportunities we have available. Participants are taught, ‘success is not just for the elite, but for anyone who wants it, plans for it and takes the necessary steps to achieve it.’ It’s all up to you!

The venue details and time that the My-I-Can programme takes place can be found in the events section at the back of the newsletter. For more information contact Tuggs, Youth Engagement Practitioner, on 07971 399 776.