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Offer for Residents moving into Block 1

Residents moving into Block 1 will be the first people to move into the new development and we hope that the prospect of a new home which is easier to heat, has better thermal and sound insulation and is more secure is an exciting prospect. For those who left homes in Munro Mews and Wornington Road and will be returning, there is also the linking up with old friends and neighbours to look forward to.

Residents moving into Block 1 are being invited to an interview where they will be made an offer of accommodation ‘off plan’, which means it will be made based on drawings showing the layout of the property and where it is in the block.

Residents will be supported by a dedicated member of the Wornington Green Team, who will work with them to prepare for the move and make it as smooth as possible.

Residents will have a choice of three kitchens and a range of carpet and laminate flooring to choose from. Kitchen layouts will be designed to accommodate residents’ white goods (fridge, washing machine etc.) wherever possible. Each property will be supplied with an electric cooker (as there will be no gas in the new development) unless residents wish to bring an existing electric cooker with them.

Residents with mobility problems will be assessed by our Occupational Therapist to enable us to include adaptation requirements into the design of their new home, such as walkin showers, grab rails etc.

Catalyst will also arrange:

  • A clearance day to enable residents to ‘de-clutter’ prior to moving
  • For our removal company to help with packing and unpacking where this is needed
  • A disturbance payment to cover the reasonable cost of relocating, including mail redirection, replacement and fitting of curtains and curtain rails and the disconnection and reconnection of appliances
  • A handyman to take down and re-fit mirrors, pictures, shelving etc
  • A checklist of things you need to do and people you need to tell about your move – we can help you with this if you would like us to

On the day of the move a member of the Wornington Green Team will be on hand to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

All tenants will receive a statutory Home Loss payment, currently £4,700, in addition to any incentives payable as follows:

  • £5,000 for giving up a bedroom
  • £2,000 for giving up a garden

Adult household members who are housed separately will receive a ‘start up’ payment of £500 to help them set up their new home.

Throughout the process, the Wornington Green Team will be available to answer any queries and help sort out any concerns you have, to make your move to your new home as easy as possible.

For more information contact Eve Wright, Decant Manager, on
020 8964 6405.