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Update on Development Phases and Dates

Here’s a quick reminder of the indicative phasing timescales and order of demolition for the regeneration of the Wornington Green Estate.

The redevelopment plans currently consist of five phases with an estimated completion in 2023. The list below indicates which blocks need to be demolished to build each phase and when the building works will start and end.

Residents who live in the block or blocks which are next in line for demolition will have the highest priority for rehousing as ‘decants’. Both tenants and adult household members are entitled to two offers of suitable accommodation. We also know that there are tenants in later phases who have a high level of housing need and we will do our best to rehouse them, when opportunities arise, on a ‘transfer’ basis (with no entitlement to home loss or disturbance) until they are able to move permanently into a new home.

The Wornington Green Residents Charter sets out what tenants can expect during the redevelopment of the estate. Please get in touch if you would like to receive a summary of the full charter. It can also be downloaded from the Housing section of the website.

We will keep you informed about timescales and updates in future editions of Here & Now.

Phase 1A

Work starts: Jan 2012 / Work ends: March 2013
Buildings to be demolished: Munro Mews, 87-101 Wornington Road (already demolished)

Phase 1B

Work starts: Feb 2013 / Work ends:  March 2014
Buildings to be demolished: Faraday House

Phase 1C

Work starts: Feb 2014 / Work ends: July 2014
Buildings to be demolished: Telford House, Wheatstone House, Lionel House, Catalyst Offices and Annex 

Phase 1D

Work starts: April 2014 / Work ends: March 2015
Buildings to be demolished: None

Phase 2

Work starts: March 2015 / Work ends: July 2016 
Buildings to be demolished: Edward Kennedy House

Phase 3A

Work starts: Sept 2016 / Work ends: Dec 2017
Buildings to be demolished: Thompson House and Norman Butler House

Phase 3B

Work starts: Dec 2017 / Work ends: April 2020
Buildings to be demolished: Paul House, Rendle House, Olive Blythe House, Wells House, Murchison House and 300 Ladbroke Grove

Phase 4A

Work starts: April 2019 / Work ends: Sept 2020
Buildings to be demolished: Katherine House, Macaulay House, Chesterton House, Breakwell House and the Venture Centre

Phase 4B

Work starts: July 2020/ Work ends: June 2022
Buildings to be demolished: Chiltern House and Watts House 

Phase 5

Work starts: Sept 2021 / Work ends:  April 2023
Buildings to be demolished: 1-80 Pepler House