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Fly Tipping on Wornington Green

Residents of Wornington Green will be aware of the continued problem of fly tipping on the estate. Caretaking Manager, Graham Cann, has come up with a unique way of dealing with it.

On Sunday 18 September, caretaking staff discovered over 40 bags of builder’s rubble including bricks and window frames dumped in the car park area at Murchison House.

Graham instructed his staff to check all the bags for any evidence of where it came from. An address in Battersea was found and Graham carried out a visit to the address later that day. He discovered a property being renovated, but there was no one at the property. Graham spoke to neighbours and was able to get the contact details of the owner. Graham contacted the owner who provided details of her building contractor. Graham then spoke to the contractor informing him of the offence and advising that unless the fly tip was removed immediately, legal action would follow. The entire fly tip was removed the same evening. Graham’s persistence and drive to get the rubble removed saved Catalyst the cost of having to remove it, and hopefully deterred the culprit from reoffending.

Please help us to prevent fly tipping on the estate. If you see fly tipping in progress please take a note of the vehicle registration and report it to the Wornington Green Team.