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New Homes for Adult Household Members

One of Catalyst’s commitments is to house Adult Household Members (with or without children) on the Wornington Green Estate in their own home, if that is what they want. So far we have housed 29 single adult household members and four with a child.

Adult Household Members are individuals who may be entitled to be re-housed separately if the family wishes. They must be aged 18 or over, and are usually sons or daughters of existing tenants but other family members may be eligible. This includes Adult Household Members who have children who are living with them.

They need to be able to demonstrate that they have been living at their current address since August 2006, are able to pay the rent and are capable of managing a tenancy.

What do we need from you?

If you would like to be re-housed separately, you need to arrange to see one of our Resident Liaison Officers, Mary Marshall or Yvonne Williams, to complete an ‘Adult Household Member Assessment Form’ and provide evidence of your identity and proof of residence since August 2006.

To help us plan ahead, we need to know whether you would prefer to be housed in the new development, elsewhere in North Kensington or in a different area altogether. Please think carefully before you tell us where you would like to be housed, it makes planning very difficult if people keep changing their minds! Some areas may be more difficult than others but we will try to meet your preferences where we can.

What happens next?

Now that we have become one organisation, Catalyst Housing Limited, you can now bid for properties owned by Catalyst across the whole of West London by registering on a group transfer list.

For those living on Wornington Green, the existing Wornington Green re-housing list will also be maintained. Priority will be given on both lists to residents living in blocks in the next phase of the redevelopment due for demolition – currently Faraday, Telford, Lionel and Wheatstone Houses. It is important to remember that Adult Household Members have to move before the tenant can move. If the tenant were to move first, the Adult Household Members would have no legal right to remain in the property.

When you have found a property you want to live in, you will be entitled to a ‘starting up payment’ of £500 to help you settle into your new home.

What is a reasonable offer?

Adult Household Members will be given two reasonable offers of accommodation which are suitable for their needs, in line with the number of offers to tenants. A reasonable offer of accommodation is one which meets the essential housing needs of your household. The property needs to be the right size for the number of people who will be occupying it and properties on lower levels will be prioritised for people with mobility problems who cannot manage many stairs.

If an Adult Household Member refuses two reasonable offers, Catalyst will be under no obligation to make a further offer and you will be housed as part of the household in which you are living.

Standard of offers

Properties being relet off Wornington Green may need decorating when you move in. If you are reasonable in your expectations we will do our best to meet your preferences wherever we can.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Adult Household Members to have a home of their own and we look forward to working with you to make this happen. If you have any queries, please contact Eve Wright on 020 8964 640.

You may be interested to know…

While Catalyst is maintaining its pledge to Wornington Green residents, significant changes are being made at national and local levels in terms of what single people can expect:

  • Kensington and Chelsea Council’s advice to adult household members wishing to leave home is that they should move into privately rented accommodation.
  • If single people living in privately rented accommodation are under 35 and not working, they would only be eligible for the Local Housing Allowance which is only intended to cover the rent for a room in a shared house. The market rent for a 1 bedroom flat in RBKC is at least £400 per week.
  • Kensington and Chelsea Council will not consider children of the tenant, who are over 21, as part of the household, in assessing housing need, unless they have an exceptional reason for needing to live there.