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Waste Management in Phase 1

The original planning approval for Wornington Green contained a condition which required a detailed waste strategy to be submitted to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC). This was formally approved by RBKC earlier this year.

Since gaining approval, Catalyst has been looking at ways to improve the management of the refuse collection for the flats/apartments in Block 1.

We believe that we have found a better way of managing the refuse collection for residents in these properties. The refuse collection system for the remainder of the blocks within Phase 1 has not been changed.

The main change that residents would notice is that the single, large waste store at the northern end of Block 1 is to be replaced by two, smaller waste stores at each end of the block. In order to accommodate this change, some further revisions to the inside and outside of the blocks will be required. Catalyst considers that these changes are very minor; the technical planning term is ‘non-material’.

Catalyst has therefore approached RBKC for permission for the improved waste strategy by way of a ‘non-material amendment’ application. Should you wish to inspect the application, you can do so at the Town Hall, Hornton Street, London, W8 7NX, as soon as the planning application has been formally registered. Any comments relating to the application should be made to RBKC within 14 days of the application being validated.

In practical terms, very little will change to the scheme that RBKC has already approved. Catalyst remains bound by the same requirements and is committed to providing new homes which are economical and simple to live in and manage.

You may be aware that an article in the August edition stated that an application was to be submitted shortly. Due to ongoing discussions with RBKC on a procedural matter, the application was not submitted. This has now been resolved and we are now able to submit the application.