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Phase 2: Managing Construction Traffic

We have developed a detailed Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) for the next stage of works. This had to be approved by the council before we could proceed.

The CTMP outlines how construction traffic will enter and leave the site during the demolition of Edward Kennedy House, 65 to 96 Pepler House and 192 and 194 Wornington Road, and the construction of Bond Mansions. A temporary ‘haul road’ is being built to manage construction traffic.

What is a haul road? 

The haul road is a temporary road built for construction traffic to ensure all vehicles have clear access to the site during the first part of Phase 2 (the creation of Bond Mansions).

The haul road – What to expect 

The temporary haul road will:

  • Funnel traffic safely from Wornington Road to Portobello Road.
  • Run adjacent to both Faraday Road and the temporary park. The existing hoarding line that runs alongside the park will be moved inwards, towards Hardy Mansions, creating more green space next to the park.
  • Have hoarding installed either side to prevent traffic and pedestrians mixing and to reduce disruption to residents.
  • Only be used between the hours of 9am to noon and 2pm to 5.30pm Monday to Friday and not at all on weekends or on public/bank holidays.
  • Allow access to construction traffic only. There will be no pedestrian access.
  • Be barricaded when not in use.
  • Have traffic marshals present at all times to manage the arrival and departure of construction vehicles and to ensure the safety of other road users.
  • Be in operation for approximately one year.