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Phase 2: Making Way for Bond Mansions

As recently reported In Here & Now, we have appointed Erith as the demolition contractor for the first part of Phase 2.

Erith will take possession of the vacant homes at Edward Kennedy House, 65 to 96 Pepler House and 192 and 194 Wornington Road in November and will begin preparing the buildings ready for demolition. Once these buildings are demolished this will be where Bond Mansions, the first building in Phase 2, will be built.

Portobello Square is subject to the Code of Construction Practice which sets out clear guidelines to minimise the impact of noise, vibration and dust.

Noise Reduction:
The main causes of noise will be taking down the buildings, breaking up the slab that the buildings were built on and the crushing of the resulting rubble to be taken away.

All noisy work (demolition and concrete breaking works) will take place between 9am to noon and 2pm to 5.30pm during the week and not at all on weekends or public/bank holidays. Machines on-site have all been fitted with mufflers to reduce noise as much as possible.

Dust Suppression:
All machinery is fitted with water jets to reduce the amount of dust in the air. Additional sprinklers will be used to dampen the buildings while they are being demolished and the rubble afterwards.


Demolition Timetable
Enabling works: Demolition works:
November 2016
Erith takes possession of site
Early March 2017
Demolition begins on 192 and 194 Wornington Road
November/December 2016
Hoarding erected around site
Late March 2017
Demolition begins on Edward Kennedy House
December 2016 to February 2017
Scaffolding erected around site, (phased works
depending on which site is being worked on)
Mid-April 2017
Demolition begins on Pepler House
December 2016
Asbestos removal work begins
Early June 2017
Crushing of demolition waste
February 2017
Soft-strip out work begins (soft-stripping is the process
of removing non-structural, loose and fitted fixtures and fittings)
Late June 2017
Planned completion of demolition
Anticipated duration of works: 21 weeks Anticipated duration of works: 15 weeks
Anticipated noise and disruption: Medium Anticipated noise and disruption: Heavy