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It’s a Phase we are going through

Phase 1 of the regeneration is on schedule for completion by the end of next year and we’re gearing up for Phase 2. While the end of the first phase and start of the second is an important milestone, the transition will be seamless.

The final building of Phase 1, Hardy Mansions, is taking shape and will be ready for the first residents to move in summer 2016. Along with the townhouses this will mark the completion of Bonchurch Road and it is now possible to see the new section of Faraday Road, which will only have buildings on one side as the road will be adjacent to the new park.

The demolition of Telford and Wheatstone Houses has begun and we have informed residents and businesses who may be affected by these works about any pavement closures and parking suspensions. We’ll do all we can to minimise any potential inconvenience during the demolition process. Once demolished the vacant site will form another part of the new park to be handed over to the council.

Bond Mansions will offer 60 homes for housing association rent and will be offered to tenants living on Wornington Green. There are 33 homes available for private sale in Bond Mansions and marketing has already commenced.

As part of our planning we have been looking at how materials and vehicles get into and out of the site. Detailed analysis has shown us that demolishing Murchison and Wells Houses earlier than originally planned will assist with the traffic management and site access.

We have spoken to all of the tenants who will be directly affected by the early demolition of these blocks and we have been discussing re-housing options with them. We are aiming to demolish these blocks in July. Tenants living in these blocks who have already accepted offers into Hardy Mansions in Phase 1 will not be affected as their new homes will be ready for them to move into before the blocks are needed for demolition.