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Update from NewmanFrancis (ITA)

It’s time to meet the Residents’ Steering Group!
In this update we are profiling the Residents’ Steering Group (RSG). They may be your friends or your neighbours and you probably pass them in the street quite often, but many residents don’t know about the RSG and the work it does. From now on we will be regularly featuring the RSG in Here & Now. Its members give up lots of their time and do a great job on behalf of the whole community.

So who are the RSG and what do they do exactly?
The RSG is a group of 13 actively involved volunteers who are all residents. The RSG aims to represent everyone living on Wornington Green. They meet regularly to discuss the regeneration and find solutions for residents’ issues and concerns. It helps to plan the public residents’ meetings, which take place at the Venture Centre. The RSG is involved in every stage of the regeneration, playing an important role in influencing what goes on and how residents are kept informed. This ranges from helping to choose the architects for Phase 2 and inviting representatives from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to attend meetings to speak about the new park. In July, members of the RSG attended the Phase 2 Planning Application Committee Meeting at the Town Hall. Finally, the RSG helps shape the work of the ITA service and the work we do with residents. In a way the residents are our boss!

The RSG has its own constitution and rules. The members bring their own skills and expertise to the group. Some have many years of experience as community activists; others have skills in construction, housing management, engineering and design, which are all very useful when dealing with a large regeneration project. Everyone is committed to helping make the regeneration a success and ensuring that Wornington Green remains a flourishing and diverse community.

Residents’ Steering Group Members

Rejhan Meshekrani – Chair
Rejhan moved into a new home on Bonchurch Road and has lived on Wornington Green for 16 years. “I’m passionate about helping residents embrace change!”

Karina Skinner – Vice Chair
Karina has lived in Thompson House for 10 years and is a qualified nurse. Karina is also involved with the Wornington Green Community Group. “I want to help build bridges between the new residents and the rest of the community so we maintain a cohesive community.”

Rob Merlini – Secretary
Rob lived in Telford House for 22 years and is a self-employed building contractor. His experience has proved very useful when discussing the building programme with Catalyst. “It’s really important to keep the community informed about what’s going on.”

Ali Kassim Mukhayer – Treasurer
Ali has lived in Murchison House for 11 years and is a qualified dentist. Ali’s passion is community development. “Involving residents is the best way to make sure that Wornington Green remains a diverse, vibrant community for years to come.”

Danella McGillivary
A resident of Pepler House since 1981, Danella is also actively involved with the Wornington Green Community Group. Danella works in a local medical practice and is a trained phlebotomist. She is passionate about her community. “The community means everything to me.”

Keith Sterling
Keith works in housing management, is a long term resident of Pepler House and has always been actively involved in the community and has done a great deal of charity work including cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End 17 times! “It’s all about fairness. Our job as RSG members is to make sure that residents get the best possible deal.”

Lesley Dillon
Lesley has lived in Pepler House since 1978 and has campaigned on behalf of residents for many years. “The community spirit around here is special. Residents are getting what they deserve which is brand new homes. It’s a great opportunity for so many people.”

The other six members of the RSG are Maria Gulston, Christine Dingle, Shaip Bajgora, Barbette Mamengi and Julie Kamara. We’ll be profiling all of them in the next issue of Here & Now.


Saturday 30 August: 12pm to 3.30pm   Pepler House, Olive Blythe – Doorknocking; Table Top – Wornington Road

Thursday 4 September: 2pm to 5.30pm   Thompson House, Olive Blythe House; Table Top – Wornington Road
Thursday 25 September: 2pm to 5.30pm  350 Ladbroke House, Murchison House – Doorknocking; Table Top – Wornington Road

We’re stepping up our Outreach Programme! It is important that we speak to as many residents as possible to keep you informed about the Wornington Green redevelopment, the ITA service and to get your views. We will also be asking you to complete our community survey with the chance to win six £25 shopping vouchers.

The next Residents’ Steering Group Public Meeting will take place Thursday 27 November 6pm – 8pm, Venture Centre. The meeting is open to all residents living on Wornington Green.

For more information about the ITA, contact Mekor Newman (Lead Advisor) or Howard Mendick (Project Officer); alternatively you can also contact us on 020 8536 1436/Freephone: 0800 644 6040.