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Wornington Green Estate Improvements

In our January issue we told you about a £15,000 fund Catalyst had allocated for estate improvements on the Wornington Green Estate. You may remember we worked with a group of ten residents to identify estate improvement priorities. We are happy to say most of those improvements identified by residents have now been made.

CCTV has been installed outside Thompson House, to assist with on-going anti social behaviour (ASB). We’d received complaints from residents saying they felt increasingly intimidated by people hanging around in this area and causing ASB so we decided to take action. Catalyst Gateway are also doing outreach with the young people, but a range of measures are required to address the ASB. Installing CCTV will enable us to monitor the situation, record incidents and identify the individuals. It will also act as a deterrent.

Residents had told us that young people were gathering in the shed areas under Rendle House at night causing ASB. This area needed daily cleaning and sheds were regularly being broken into. The shed areas have now been gated off (to restrict access to shed users only) and we’ve also fenced off the planting area by the community kitchen garden.

Pepler House has also had new signage above all the mainentry doors. The old signs were in a poor condition and residents suggested that if the signs were replaced it would improve the appearance of the block. Most of Pepler House isn’t going to be demolished until Phase 3, so for a small amount of money, we agreed that this was a worthwhile estate improvement.

Other issues have been reported to our Maintenance Team as repairs e.g. lights not working and blocked drains. Please remember to report issues like this as and when you see themto help to keep the estate a safe and attractive place to live.