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Wornington Green Charter

The KHT Board recently endorsed the Wornington Green Charter which sets out what long standing KHT tenants of Wornington Green can expect from KHT during the redevelopment of Wornington Green.

The Charter includes commitments to current Secure and Assured tenants of KHT who live on the Wornington Green estate and were tenants in 2007. It sets out what KHT will do to meet tenant needs, provide support and minimise disruption throughout the redevelopment. The Charter will be distributed to all KHT tenants of Wornington Green, and will be a useful guide to those who have a right to be re-housed on the estate.

An Independent Tenant Adviser has been working with residents of Wornington Green and KHT managers to develop the Charter. This has involved many meetings, and KHT are particularly grateful to Wornington Green residents Lesley Dillon, Christine Dingle, Roy Dunning and Keith Stirling for their time and commitment in developing the Charter.

The development of the Charter has been one of the aims of a steering group of residents set up by the Independent Tenant Adviser. This steering group meets monthly at the Venture Centre to discuss issues affecting the redevelopment of the estate, and all residents from Wornington Green are welcome to attend. The next meeting will be on Thursday 14 April, at 6pm.