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Construction Work Begins

Security matters

During the regeneration minimising disruption for tenants and neighbours alike is a top priority for KHT. We know that vacant properties can attract antisocial behaviour, vandalism and squatters. Over the Christmas period, KHT arranged for security officers to be based on-site for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This arrangement has been very successful and will continue until permanent hoarding is put in place, starting in January 2011.

Construction update

Our contractor, Mansell is now on site and the following activities will be taking place over the coming weeks:


Work will soon begin replacing the temporary security fencing with timber boundary fencing (hoardings). This is likely to be completed within the next 2-3 weeks.


Clearing the vacated properties has begun, which includes stripping out of kitchens, bathrooms and carpentry in order to ensure separation and recycling of materials. Contractors will start to take down the first buildings in February.


Over the next few weeks, our tree specialist will be on-site to assess the mature trees and to recommend the
measures we need to take to protect these so they are not damaged.


Tenants and neighbours will see site traffic starting to arrive from the end of January. As part of the Considerate Contractors Scheme, Mansell will ensure that all noise and disruption is kept to a minimum. In addition, both Mansell and KHT will give notice of any extended periods of disruption through future editions of Here & Now, individual letters and weekly work schedules posted on the front entrance hoardings so that as much advance warning as possible is given.

For any construction related queries or concerns Mansell’s Residents Liaison Officer, Gerry Gallagher, is on hand to help.Gerry can be reached on 07801 460637 or by email at