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FAQs – About the new development

What will happen to the Venture Centre?

The Venture Centre is one of the community facilities owned by the council (the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea – RBKC) which will be re-provided within the development. It has been agreed that the service provided by the Venture Centre should be continuous. In practice, this means that the new facility must be built and open before the Venture Centre is closed and demolished. The new facility will be built in the third phase. Subject to detailed planning, the new facilities will have the same inside and outside space (footprint) as the Venture Centre. RBKC will be responsible for consultation over the re-provision but Catalyst will build the new facility.

Will utility bills be higher as everything is electric?

No, we actually expect household bills to be lower in the new development. The new homes are well insulated and are provided with modern and efficient heating and hot water equipment which will allow residents to monitor and control their usage. Advice and support is provided to enable households to use the new system efficiently.

The heating and hot water is supplied by a communal system and residents will have a meter which will register how much heating and hot water they use. Residents will only pay for the heating and hot water that they use.

When residents move into their new homes, their electricity supplier will be E.ON and they will have an electricity meter and quarterly bills. Residents can change to another supplier if they wish to and also request that their supplier provides them with a key meter if that is what they prefer to use.

Will some residents have to move off Wornington Green?

All residents are entitled to a new home in the new development. However, some tenants would prefer to move off the estate, and for these households we will meet their housing need and try, if we can, to meet their preferences. There will be limited options for re-housing in Catalyst’s housing stock off Wornington Green, where residents have a specific need to move to another area (either to provide or receive support). Assistance, support and advice will also be offered to tenants wanting to move out of the area, or out of London. Catalyst will offer a single move to a new home wherever possible, especially for older and vulnerable residents.

As part of each planning application, Catalyst will undertake a housing needs assessment before we apply for detailed planning permission for each phase of the development, to inform the size and type of new rented homes, to ensure that we meet our tenants’ needs as far as possible.

We are finding that some households’ housing needs and preferences change over time, which can make it difficult for us to re-house people within the timescales required for the regeneration programme. There will be some instances where we cannot meet the housing need of a household by one move straight into the new development. Where this is the case we will liaise with the household to discuss options for a temporary move.

If tenants have to move more than once they will be entitled to disturbance payments each time they are asked to move in addition to a home loss payment (providing they have lived in their temporary home for at least one year).

My children are adults now but still living with me at home. Will they be entitled to their own flats?

Yes, providing they are eligible – see extract from the Wornington Green Residents’ Charter below, for more information.

“There is the opportunity for adult household members, aged 18 or over (usually sons or daughters of the tenants but other family members may be eligible) to be re-housed into their own separate accommodation, including the option of a new home in the new development. Individuals who wish to be re-housed in this way must be able to provide evidence that their current address has been their principal residence since August 2006. The ability of the adult child to manage a tenancy will be discussed with the whole family prior to an offer being made. A starter tenancy will be offered to adult household members being re-housed. When an adult household member is re-housed separately, the tenant will not be eligible for a £5,000 incentive payment if a room is given up (as a new tenancy is being created)”.

In terms of flat design what provisions are being made for older residents in the new properties?

All of our existing tenants will be offered a new home that meets their housing need. We will fit walk-in showers and other adaptations for individuals that need them.

See extract from the Wornington Green Residents’ Charter below for more information.

“All of the new homes will be built to what’s known as the lifetime homes standard, which means that homes can be adapted as tenants’ needs change.

If, in the future, tenants become less mobile, their flat can be adapted to meet their mobility or medical needs. In addition, 10% of the new homes will be wheelchair accessible.

Older or disabled tenants who are returning, or are currently living on the estate and have been pre-allocated a new property, will be offered an assessment of their needs by an Occupational Therapist (OT) in order that the new property can be adapted to account for their needs”.

Did you know that in Block 1, we have already fitted 20 walk-in showers or other bathroom adaptations to meet residents’ needs?