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ITA’s update from NewmanFrancis

Here & Now readers will know that the Residents’ Steering Group (RSG) has set up a Design Team which is working with Victoria Whenray from Conran & Partners (Phase 2 Architects) to help shape the design of Phase 2 of Wornington Green. Some of the residents involved have a background in design and engineering and are bringing their professional expertise to the group. Others are learning fast! Everyone shares the same commitment to ensure that Wornington Green will be a great place to live for local families.

Since the last edition of Here & Now the Design Team has been meeting once a month to look at various aspects of the design of Phase 2. The first Design Team workshop in March looked at the external appearance of the building, for example bricks, windows and balconies. Opinions about projecting, semi-recessed or fully-recessed balconies were mixed, but it was agreed that residents want to make full use of their balconies especially in summer. The Design Team also looked at the materials to be used. Pale homogenous stock brick with pale mortar was mainly preferred “because it looks modern, clean and will still look nice in many years to come.”

At the April Design Team workshop residents looked at the design and layout of common areas, for example stairs, corridors and security. During May the Design Team will be reviewing the internal layouts of the new homes, for example storage space.

Shaip Bajgora, RSG Committee and Design Team member said. “The Design Team is a fantastic opportunity for local people to get involved and make a real difference. Everyone is very committed to making sure that the overall design of Phase 2 looks really good and that all the little details are right as well. We can’t change everything as some things are fixed but Victoria is willing to listen. She brings lots of information to the workshops as well as examples of materials and this helps us make the right choices.”

Over the next few weeks the Independent Tenants’ Advice team will be doing outreach on Wornington Green and also talking to local community groups about the design proposals. The idea is to talk to as many people as possible to ensure that the design for Phase 2 is moving in the right direction and that local people have a say.

Updates about the work of the RSG and the Design Team regularly appear on our Facebook page: Wornington Green Residents’ Steering Group. Also, look out for our summer newsletter, “Wornington Green News”, which will be distributed towards the end of May.

For more information about the work of the RSG and Design Team contact the Independent Tenants’ Advisor, NewmanFrancis on 0800 644 6040 or