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FAQs about the new development

Q. Where will I be able to keep my bicycle?

Cycle stores will be available for residents living in the new apartments. Residents need to apply to have access to the cycle stores and will be asked to sign an agreement which specifies the way it is to be used e.g. it is not to be used as a general storage space. Any misuse of the cycle store or communal area will result in permission to have use of the cycle store being withdrawn. Access to cycle stores will be by programmed fobs. Residents living in duplexes and mews houses should store their bikes in their own property/garden.

Q. What is the procedure for keeping pets?

Wornington Green tenants moving into the new development will be asked to apply for permission to keep their existing pet(s) and a record will be made of the pets they have. Where there have been complaints about pets previously, permission will not be given. Residents will need to sign a pet agreement before moving into their new home. If residents do not keep to the pet agreement (e.g. if their pet causes anti-social behaviour or nuisance or the pet is neglected) they may be asked to re-house their pet and/or legal action may be taken against them. Pets cannot be replaced without first seeking permission from Catalyst.

Q. How will the new neighbourhood rules be enforced?

The rules apply to everyone, regardless of whether they are Catalyst or private tenants, home owners or living in shared ownership properties. The rules will be enforced through tenancy agreements and leases. Residents will be given a copy of the Neighbourhood Rules before they move into their new home and they will be asked to sign an agreement to keep to the rules when they sign their new tenancy.

Q. What car parking provision will there be for residents?

Residents that currently have a parking space on the estate will need to apply for an RBKC parking permit, to park on the street. Residents who buy a home in the new development will not be able to apply for on-street parking. When Phase 1 is completed there will also be some spaces in the underground car park that tenants can apply to use. The weekly charges will be considerably higher than the existing car parking charges on Wornington Green Estate.

Q. What plans will be in place to make sure that the new Wornington Green is properly maintained and looked after?

We have appointed Stiles Harold Williams as the managing agent for Phase 1. They will provide facilities management (e.g. cleaning and maintenance) to all of the communal areas to ensure that high standards are maintained across the development, for the benefit of all residents. A servicing and maintenance programme has been developed to ensure that the new development is properly maintained and looked after.

Neighbourhood rules have also been developed (see above) to ensure that everyone is considerate to their neighbours and that the development is a safe, clean and welcoming place.