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P2P – Six Months into 2012

It is half way through the year already, so perhaps now is the perfect time to give a brief Pathways 2 Progress (P2P) roundup of the year so far. The apprentices are half way through their tenure, two of which are former students to the My-I-Can curriculum.

P2P nominated four young people to take advantage of the Ardmore apprenticeship scheme, two of which were over qualified, the other two have been shortlisted and are currently part of the assessment; we have great hopes for them both. The two over qualified members managed to find work soon after, it’s amazing what a change in mindset can do! We’ve also set up a new P2P team in Brent which is being inundated with referrals!

For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we invited Nic Regisford, CEO of South African phone company Mi-Phone, to inspire the members with his personal journey from UK resident to South African mogul. The My-I-Can classes have been steadily growing, from only a few participants in January to close to 20 regular participants. We aim to expand it further and continue to develop those that are prepared and willing to work for their success!

For more information, contact Tuggs, Youth Engagement Practitioner on 07971 399 776 or visit P2P’s website at