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Repairs & Maintenance Catalyst & Residents Responsibilities

It is always useful to remind residents of our respective repair responsibilities as landlord and resident. The tenancy agreement defines both our commitments and further information can be found in our newly re-issued repairs handbook, which will be hand delivered to all residents on Wornington Green Estate in the near future.

In Kensington, we have one main contractor, Mears, who delivers our repairs and currently, our gas and heating service across the Wornington Green Estate. Mears is based in the Portobello Road office and works side-by-side with the Catalyst Maintenance Team. Door entry phone and communal electrical repairs are delivered by East West Connect.

We aim to provide a first class service to all our residents. At Wornington Green, we remain committed to delivering a full day-to-day repairs and gas/heating service. In 2011 to 2012 we carried out over 1,500 repairs across the estate, of which we responded to 97% on time, with 91% being fixed right first time. Our responsibilities as a landlord cover communal repairs; most internal repairs, if the problem is not caused by the resident or other occupants; gas servicing and safety and all heating problems (boiler and radiators).

While Catalyst is responsible for most major repairs, tenants are responsible for and must cover the cost of the following minor repairs and maintenance matters:

  • Changing smoke alarm batteries
  • Keeping extractor fans clean
  • Ensuring that properties are well ventilated to avoid condensation problems, and
  • Replacing keys or locks when keys are lost or broken

The repairs that residents are responsible for can be found on page eight of the repairs handbook.

Most importantly, Catalyst encourages residents to take full advantage of the household contents insurance procured by us for the benefit of the residents. Premiums are low and it is important that you have insurance to protect yourself against risks arising from damage or carelessness from neighbours.